"Spyros" canteen, "Alikes" bach - Ammouliani Chalkidiki       |       Ελληνική Έκδοση




Like a paradise! There are no words that can describe the beauty of "Alikes" beach. It's the jewel of Ammouliani and the most crowded beach in the island. That's because in "Alikes" beach you may find everything: beach bars, water sports, canteen, camping, club and above all an excellent sea and thin sand. Canteen "Spiros" is just 15m. away from water and is like an oasis within the hot sand.


The unique view and its hospitable environment is probably the best way to quench your thirst and rest from an exciting day with games and fun in sea water.


Every year, we try to do the best for our beach. We try to keep it clean and friendly for tourists and domestics. Also, we try to maintain a beautiful environment with flowers and trees.